Manage Your Team


Our cloud-based solution offers task management tools you need to manage your team and customer relationship management processes seamlessly. It’s effortless to use. Filter your task lists by priority to see what’s coming up — and quickly shift low-priority tasks to a colleague or another day to balance workloads.

Adjust your tasks

• Get flexible task management that lets you freely set and adjust deadlines and task priority. Carry forward uncompleted tasks to another date. Re-assign tasks to a colleague and send them an email notification.
• When a task is assigned, your team member will receive an email notification. You can also set an email reminder for yourself or a team member.

Team’s workload management

• Take control of what your team is working on. Track tasks and ensure your team follows up.
• Individual duties can also be assigned to a specific customer record, company, or opportunity.

View outstanding tasks at a glance

Set up your calendar, email the link, and see how easy it is to schedule and manage appointments: no more time-consuming calls, emails, or text messages.